Thrive Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dave Hepburn, MD 

Thursday October 25, 2018 

Malcolm Hotel 


Medutainer & Award-Winning Syndicated Columnist

Considered one of the nation’s top “medutainers”, Dave Hepburn is an award winning syndicated columnist to more than 100 newspapers across the United States and Canada. He can be seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Canada on Buy.O.Logic. He is the author of the hilarious “The Doctor Is In(sane)” which was nominated for several book awards. He is co-host of the popular national radio program “Wisequacks” heard weekly across Canada.


Seven Numbers you Absolutely Need to know…Die Young
This is, in fact, what we as doctors want you to do. Die young…. at an old age. 6P medicine: Prevention, Prediction, Protection, Personalization, Preparation and Participatory is the key to dying young. You, not your doctor, are responsible for your own health. Knowledge is power, and with health being your greatest wealth, this lecture may be the most valuable investment you ever make.




Marin McCue - Be The Change

Thursday October 25, 2018 @ Malcolm Hotel 

Motivational Speaker. Coach. Yoga. Spin. Writer. Author of Be The Change - A Story. A Road map. A Movement.

Marin's Mission: Lead by example with passion, vulnerability, and creativity, to inspire others to continually create positive change and sustain the impact they desire.

"I am a passionate creator of conversations, experiences and systems that will transform the way you think and live. As someone who struggled with mental health issues for over a decade, I have a big heart for supporting others in their journey and discovering more ways to tap into our unique strengths and goals."

Talk Description: “I will focus on Mental Health Strength Training. I will tell a bit of my story, growing up as an athlete and being very focused on the physical but because the mental health aspect was absent, I stayed a shell of a person and couldn't perform the way I knew I could. After many years of self-inquiry, yoga trainings, self led research and heartfelt conversations, I am now aware and consciously building my mental health strength. I would love to share some key steps in how to develop some habits that will get people back into their bodies, to get access to quality fuel, and to finally start showing up in life with their unique contributions and purpose.” 



Jason Watkin - Purica

Thursday October 25, 2018 @ Malcolm Hotel

Chair and CEO of Purica. 

Jason Watkin, CEO of Purica and formulator of RECOVERY and Immune 7, is an enthusiastic speaker skilled at simplifying and invigorating seemingly confusing information. Jason presents powerful holistic strategies to improve overall wellness and to treat existing conditions utilizing principles of psychology, philosophy, comparative religion, nutrition and both natural and allopathic medicine.

Purica is a family owned company based in Duncan, BC Canada on beautiful Vancouver Island. The Purica mission is to empower others with tools to recover health and embrace pure spirit. Purica helps others to help themselves by developing cutting-edge organic supplements and by advocating holistic and interdependent living.


Tara Newbigging - The Why Behind the Workout 

Saturday October 27, 2018 @ Canmore Nordic Centre

Entrepreneur, mastermind behind the BooTy® program, Soul Coach, Fitness Coach, Yoga Teacher, and adventure seeker residing in the Canadian Rockies. I hold a Bachelor of Physical Health and Education with a Major in Health Promotion. Beyond the labels, I am a passionate individual who loves to inspire people and help them discover their talents and gifts. 

'My Mission is to encourage and empower others to achieve higher levels of personal wellness and fulfillment.'

Angela KL.jpg

Angela Ditch

Angela Ditch is an author, speaker and precision embodiment teacher. As the voice of the Body Ascension Lens and designer of the EMBUDDHiMENT Protocol, Angela offers online and in- person immersion and facilitator level training. Using breathwork, kundalini activation and quantum level meditation practices one learns to merge their awareness with the physiology to consciously ride the circuits of creating and experiencing. These states enable one to evolve their foundational conditioning and embody their awakened Buddhi mind.

“The conversation of how we operate as a human being is truly the only relevant conversation of our time. Prioritizing our evolution into EMBUDDHiMENT is the only thing to do. There simply isn’t anything else.”

Excerpt from upcoming book EMBUDDHiMENT by Angela Ditch


What is Embuddhiment? : Live Stream You

[SATURDAY | 9:00-9:18 am | Nordic Center | 80 Participants | “Head-Talk”]

Life is accelerating. Information is flooding into our mental, emotional and physical circuitry in overloading rates. Stress, anxiety and physiological imbalances are on the rise and yet we are in the greatest and most misunderstood human evolution of our time.

We are embodying our “BIG I” awakened buddhi-mind and evolving our “little i” ego-mind to new states of awareness and capability. Understanding this perspective is the key to shifting from bracing against the incoming awareness and learning to thrive in its flow. This is the greatest transformation in our human history and the most relevant conversation of our time.