Schedule of Events

Friday, October 26th 2018

Choose your own Health Adventure!

On Friday, October 26th, Thrive participants will experience a customized day of events in Canmore, AB. Participants will be able to choose one offering per time slot using their login details to It is important to login in early, to guarantee their spots in the specific business’ offerings on!

Locally Made Health and Wellness Market

10 AM - 4 PM at Elevation Place

Featuring all kinds of wonderful food, body products, jewellery, art, clothing, tea…You won’t want to miss all the special products our purveyors of healthy wares have to offer!!

Friday Sessions

Make sure to create your own customized Thrive schedule once you register for your weekend festival pass or Friday day pass!

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*Must show your schedule when checking into sessions on Friday October 26 (digital or printed)

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

  • Stretch and De-stress Yoga with Emily Brooks @ Wild Heart

    • This class is designed to relieve stress and build strength. We begin with gently warming up the body and moving from one posture to another, finding a flow (often to music). We focus on proper alignment and connecting breath with movement. Stretch and De-stress is a great start for beginners, athletes, as well as those with injuries whose bodies and mind may need a little extra maintenance.

      • 20 participants

      • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company Tour @ the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Factory

    • Join us for a tour of our Canmore Workshop. You’ll see how we make our 100% natural products, start to finish, and get the chance to tour our different departments to learn about all the different aspects of our business. 

      • 12 Participants/Tour

  • Pilates with Bonny-Lynn Russell @ Embody Pilates

    • Come learn the wonders and experience the benefits of Classical Pilates.  A traditional mat and weighted bar are supplied and all levels are welcome.  Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s, Pilates is designed to Return you back to life!  Experience proper alignment, breath, core strengthening and stretch in a full body workout experience. Class size limited to 12 participants so pre-sign up is a must. 

      • 12 Participants

      • Wear comfortable workout clothing

  • Your Body is Your Castle with Jason Watkin @ Ralph Connor Memorial United Church Sanctuary

    • Sick? Tired ? Stressed Out?

      It features our Founder, Formulator, Chair and CEO, Jason Watkin. Jason is extremely passionate and has a background in Western Sciences infused with Eastern Medicine, ancient religion and philosophy. He will be speaking about our extensive medicinal mushroom line and mushroom formulas, including Complete 360, and touching on some other new favourite products too.

      • 80 Participants

  • Walking Mind/Body Meditation with Dr. Cheryl Cooper @ Elevation Place

    • Regular meditation is the foundation for mind-body wellness and a consciousness-based approach to life. The daily practice can improve quality of sleep and relationship skills, enhance concentration, reduce stress, and provide a deeper connection to spirit.

      However, daily meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting passively. Walking meditation, also known as mindful walking, is an active practice that requires you to be consciously aware and moving in the environment rather than sitting down with your eyes closed. It’s a simple and comfortable form of meditation that can be particularly valuable for newcomers or anyone who prefers a more active form of this practice.

      • 20 Participants

      • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are weather appropriate. (Be ready for anything!)

  • Good for the Gut: Discover Fermentation as an Cultural Food Preservation Practice and Make Probiotic-rich Kimchi to take home with Danielle Arsenault of Pachavega @ Ralph Connor Memorial United Church Kitchen

    • Rediscover and reinterpret the traditional Korean Kimchi and fermentation techniques that have used by ancient sages around the globe for centuries. In this 1 hour workshop learn how to build your body’s natural flora and naturally improve digestion by implementing fermented foods into your diet.

      • 30 Participants

      • Please bring a 500ml jar

  • Consensio Collaborative Health Assessment @ Consensio Clinic

    • Consensio Clinic is offering 1 hour collaborative assessments and short treatments of 15 minutes-duration of Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chi Kung and Therapeutic Recommendations.

      At Consensio Clinic we help transform the health of women, men and children of all ages through a variety of integrative techniques including osteopathy, naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, occupational therapy and massage therapy using evidence-based tests, consultation, therapy and education.  Our collaborative approach with other health care practitioners (both conventional and complementary medicine-based) allows us to offer the most effective care to our patients.

      • $60.00/session (Receipts for extended benefits will be provided.)

      • 4 Participants/Session

      • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Ground and Flow Class with Tara Newbigging @ Studio b

    • Join Tara Newbigging at STUDIO b. for a mindful Ground & FLOW class. This class will ignite your senses mind body and soul. Simple yoga/stretch moves and awesome tunes, this class will open you up and leave you feeling free and clear.

      • 25 Participants

      • Wear comfortable workout clothing

  • Kundalina Tantra Yoga: Root Chakra Activation with Angela Ditch @ St. Michael’s Church

    • Using breath, mantra, movement and meditation we will explore a gentle activation of the root chakra while exploring its nature. Drop into the body and relax in the interface of consciousness and form. The practice is suitable to all levels of experience and is deeply internal and meditative.

      • 60 Participants

      • Participants require yoga mat, blanket, pillow, notebook and water.

10 AM - 2:30 PM

  • Urban Poling Instructor Course with Mandy Johnson/Active by Nature @ Elevation Place

    • On Friday, Mandy Johnson is offering the Urban Poling Instructor Course meeting at the Canmore Public Library located within Elevation Place.  The cost for this instructor certification is regularly $199.99 which includes a set of Urban Poles which retail for $99.99.  Urban Poling is Canada’s leading provider of Nordic walking instruction and equipment. Registration will be via my website:

    • For those who purchase a Thrive Festival registration, I will offer this certification course for $50 off.  This course is recognized by several fitness and health related organizations which provide continuing education credits, for example the Alberta Fitness Leaders Certification Association.  

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company Tour @ the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Factory

    • Join us for a tour of our Canmore Workshop. You’ll see how we make our 100% natural products, start to finish, and get the chance to tour our different departments to learn about all the different aspects of our business.

      • 12 Participants/Tour

  • Winter Fat Bike Basics with Ryan Draper @ Rebound Cycle

    • An informative clinic on the basics of winter riding in the Bow Valley and beyond followed by a casual fat bike ride along the Bow River / Participants will get a chance to ask questions that pertain to their individual winter riding situations ie commuting, excessive or multi day fat biking adventures.

      • 14 Participants

      • Appropriate clothing and foot wear for bike riding required

        Fat bikes and helmets will be provided

  • Stress Busting Strategies with Dr. Cheryl Cooper @ Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

    • Stress has been identified as one of the leading factors contributing to illness and disease in North America. It affects everyone and it’s effects can be detrimental to our health. This informative seminar will provide you with ways to identify how stress may be affecting your health and provides lots of great strategies to counteract the impact that stress has on your health.

  • Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Hypnotherapy with Michelle Davis/The First Step to Freedom @ Elevation Place

    • 'An introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) offers attendees the opportunity to learn an effective life skill that can be used time and time again.  EFT involves gently tapping on ‘meridians’ on the surface of the skin, which are connected to your nervous system, similar to acupuncture but without the needles!  Learning EFT gives you the power to release negative emotions as and when they arise, as well as giving you control over how you feel on a daily basis.  Not only will you learn what EFT is and how it will benefit you but you'll also be able to practice within a group setting.  Please note, within the workshop, attendees will not be expected to disclose painful memories or current problems, but instead use the benefit of working within a group to support each other as you work privately on your own inner thoughts and emotions.  The workshop will finish on a relaxing note through the use of guided hypnotherapy. 

      • 40 Participants

      • Wear comfortable clothes

  • WildHEART Barre with Emily Brooks @ Wild Heart

    • This class is high energy but low impact! We start by properly warming up the body and move into several cardio blasts that combine exercises and barre work with light hand weights. We always finish our cardio classes with a little glutes and core. Be prepared to sweat and get that heart-rate pumping

      • 20 Participants

      • Wear comfortable workout clothing and bring your water bottle

  • BooTy® with Tara Newbigging @ Studio b

    • Join the creator herself, Tara Newbigging for an experience like no other. BooTy® is a barefoot fitness program that empowers and strengthens both the mind and body. The BooTy® program combines high intensity fitness moves with powerful music and movement, creating a perfect balance between intensity and fun. Participants walk away feeling strong and inspired.

      • 25 Participants

      • Wear comfortable workout clothing, bring your Yoga mat and water bottle

  • The Best Offence is a Good Defense: How to Supercharge Your Immune System so You can Thrive with Rae-Lynne Goss and Sascha Kalivoda @ Ralph Connor Memorial United Church Kitchen

    • Cold and flu season is upon us, and undoubtedly some of you have already fallen prey to the seasonal sniffles.  But did you now that it may not be the season that brings on the sniffles but our lack of preparing for it?  In North America, we believe what is good for us today is good for us every day, but this simply isn't true.  What may have supported you 2 months ago, may be working against you today.  Cooler weather calls for a change of habits, foods and supplements. Have you ever considered this?

      In this class you will learn what it takes to build that strong immune system that powers you through while others go own.  And there are many factors to consider! We'll be discussing:

      Seasonal foods and circadian rhythm Digestive health and its many ties to immunityImmune-building herbs and more! Come with your notebook and questions and enjoy a sample of a seasonal elixir that will tantalize your taste buds while it strengthens your defences from within.  You will also have an opportunity to purchase key elixir ingredients after the class.

      • 30 Participants

  • Meditative Muscle with Kristen Stuart + Devjeet @ St. Michael’s Church

    • Our brains are inundated with information and stimulation on a constant basis. We now have all the information in the palm of our hand with the push of a button but "it will push all your buttons." In the 60's Yogi Bhajan described this as "The greatest pressure on the human psyche." Today it is as important if not more important to meditate daily to clear the subconscious and strengthen our meditative muscle! Join us for a deep cleanse of the subconscious!

      • 60 Participants

      • Wear comfortable workout clothing, bring your Yoga mat and water bottle

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

LUNCH BREAK - Check out Canmore’s local Thrive lunch cuisine offerings here. (coming soon!)

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company Tour @ the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Factory

    • Join us for a tour of our Canmore Workshop. You’ll see how we make our 100% natural products, start to finish, and get the chance to tour our different departments to learn about all the different aspects of our business.

      • 12 Participants/Tour

  • Mountain Yoga Class with Jeff Mah @ Yoga Lounge

    • A one hour class taught by Jeff Mah owner and inspirational Yoga teacher showcasing modern yoga methods and techniques popular at the Yoga Lounge.

      The class is all-levels and will be taught for anyone to attend.

      • Fee: $12.00 + GST

      • 30 Participants

      • Wear comfortable workout clothing and bring your Yoga mat

  • Women and Weight Training: An Experience in Debunking Getting Bulky with Shelley Kuhn @ SC2 (Bill Warren Training Centre)

    • Resistance training for women has countless health benefits including increasing bone density, warding off age-related muscle atrophy and maintaining a healthy metabolism with  hormonal changes; Yet women still live in fear that weight training will turn their bodies into something likened to Arnie’s physique!

      Join us in an experiential discussion showcasing the benefits of strength training and learn how to implement smart strategies in the weight-room to accelerate your goal achievement!

      • Fee: $10.00 + GST

      • 24 Participants

      • Wear Comfortable workout clothing and water- be ready to move! 

  • Conversations While Cooking with Susan Hoy of Culinary Skills and Nutrition at Ralph Connor Memorial Church Kitchen

    Join Susan Hoy of Culinary Skills & Nutrition for a Conversations While Cooking Workshop. This demonstration style cooking class offers delicious samples of plant-based whole foods while you learn how some common foods we eat everyday effect your gut health. Discover what may be making the symptoms of IBS, Crohn’s and other Autoimmune conditions worse and how to make side effects such as bloating and digestive discomfort better by understanding the science of food additives. Recipe booklet included.

  • Forest Bathing with Ronna @ Quarry Lake

    • Shinrin Yoku is used extensively in the Japanese  wellness system.  Research shows that time in nature helps reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm and will increase  focus, creativity, and overall wellness.   This gentle model is ideal for all types of people and abilities.  Level is easy.

      • 20 participants

      • Meet in the parking lot at Quarry Lake

      • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are weather appropriate. (Be ready for anything!)

  • Keeping Invaders Out by Optimizing Immunity with Jason Watkin @ Ralph Connor Memorial Church Sanctuary

    • In this world in which you’re inundated daily by stress and pathogens, it’s useful to think of your body as a castle. The walls of the castle – your skin, bone and connective tissue – keep things out. Your mucosal membranes, genital urinary tract and eyes function like a moat. Inside your body is an army of cells, millions of loyal soldiers maintaining the fortress and multitasking as a self-defense system made up of archers, sentries, intelligence agents, communicators and armed guards. With daily attacks from bacteria, viruses and parasites, imagine how taxing it is for the protectors of our castle to keep our immune system strong and active. An underactive immune system makes us more prone to colds, flu, disease and infection. If our immune system is overactive, we can be left subject to allergies and it can potentially trigger an autoimmune response. As in our castle analogy, an optimal immune system is a balanced one.

      In order to keep our defenses strong, it’s become more important than ever to support our immune system. That starts with balanced nutrition and hydration. Positive lifestyle strategies can also reduce the impacts of chronic stress .

      We can also strengthen our defenses through supplementation, including the use of medicinal mushrooms. That’s where PURICA medicinal mushrooms shine. Medicinal mushrooms have proven to be powerful allies in the fight against stress by working as immunomodulators; substances that bring balance or calm and activate the immune system, as needed. Medicinal mushrooms also share the remarkable qualities of adaptogens, which protect our bodies from all forms of stress. They literally help our cells adapt to stressors.

      • 80 Participants

  • Yoga Nidra practice with Kristen Stuart and Caroline Dalton @ St. Michael’s Church

    • Join Kristen Stuart as she leads you through a gentle Yoga Nidra practice as she Journeys you through the depths of the subtle body, refining your senses as you become systematically aware of your inner body balancing between a state of consciousness. The crystal bowls played by Caroline Dalton will deepen this experience allowing the vibrations and tones of the bowls to move through the body, clearing, recalibrating and harmonizing the body mind and soul.

      • Free Class

      • 60 Participants

      • Wear comfortable clothing and bring your Yoga mat

  • Understanding Kundalini: Energy and Activation Mechanics with Angela Ditch @ Elevation Place

    • Explore energy anatomy and the pranic forces that flow through the body. What is Kundalini? How is it activated? What does it do? Why does it matter?

      (Participants will receive a downloadable audio recording of the discussion.)

      • Free Workshop

      • 50 Participants

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company Tour @ the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Factory

    • Join us for a tour of our Canmore Workshop. You’ll see how we make our 100% natural products, start to finish, and get the chance to tour our different departments to learn about all the different aspects of our business.

      • 12 Participants

  • Canmore Health and Wellness Centre @ Elevation Place

    • Elizabeth Williams“Digestive Distress: how visceral manipulation can improve digestion”

    • Jared Skirrow – Holistic Nutritionist, Mountain Man Nutrition“How Food Affects Men’s Mental Health”

    • Nicky Scott – Reiki Master & Teacher“Stress arrest: how Reiki can stop anxiety from controlling your life”

    • Dr. Dawne Engele, Naturopathic Doctor“IV Vitamin Therapy: what is it?”

  • Urban Poling with Active by Nature/Mandy Johnson @ Elevation Place


      Nordic Walking mimics cross-country skiing, but without the skis! It TURBO CHARGES walking, turning into a total body workout that utilizes virtually every muscle in your body in a gentle yet effective way. It promotes good posture, burns MEGA CALORIES, provides exceptional stability on all sorts of terrain, and off-loads stress from the lower body.

      Whether you are super fit or just embarking on a fitness program, Nordic Walking is a perfect physical activity choice.  Active by Nature exclusively uses Urban Poles for fitness walking and ACTIVATOR™  poles for older adults, persons with mobility issues, and persons recovering from injury.  Ergonomically designed and strapless for safety, these poles are the best Nordic Walking equipment in Canada and endorsed by health practitioners across the country.

      • 30 Participants

      • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are weather appropriate. (Be ready for anything!)

  • Transformational Gong Bath with Caroline Dalton @ St. Michael’s Church

    • Join Caroline Dalton as she guides you through a transformational gong bath. Within this healing journey, you will experience vibrational synchronization and prepare your body on an energetic level to fully support all upcoming challenges. The ancient tones and vibrations of the gong will transcend our entire being - changing our energetic field to allow for transformation growth and healing. 

      • 60 Participants

      • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Detoxify Your Life with Dr. Cheryl Cooper @ Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

    • This workshop is to help people identify toxicity and to learn strategies to clear toxins from all levels of the body, mind, and spirit. Time after time, I see how toxic influences affect my patient’s health and their lives and holds them back from living a healthy, happy and abundant life. Toxins impact our health on so many levels and can contribute to many of the health issues people experience like cancer, heart disease, digestive issues, immune system disorders, thyroid issues, sleep difficulties, weight gain, arthritis, hormone imbalances…this list goes on and on. I have also seen how a detox can change people’s lives.

      Whether you are an experienced detoxifier or you’ve tried and failed or you’ve never even considered doing a detox, this workshop will benefit you.

      • 80 Participants

  • USE YOUR BRAIN TO MANAGE YOUR PAIN with Ali Temesy/ Walk Talk Therapy @ E=MC2

    • Physical pain can create stress and may limit how you live your life.  There are different ways that you can use your mind to control your pain. This workshop will focus on 1 of those strategies, eliciting the relaxation response, which is an antidote to the stress response in your body.  You will gain knowledge and skills to help you cope better with your pain.

    • Please note this is an educational workshop.  You will be asked to not disclose any personal or  confidential information in this workshop.

      • 40 Participants

      • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Physio Taste Tester: Running Analysis, Bike Fit, and Movement Screening

    • Sign up for your 10minute one-on-one screening session. 

    • Choose one of the three taste testers and have an Active Life physiotherapist work with you one-on-one! Improve your running technique, make sure your bike fits you, or check your general range of motion to prevent future injuries. Your future self will thank you!

  • Building a Better Brain: 7 Secrets to Bulletproofing Your Brain with Rae-Lynne Goss and Sascha Kalivoda: Building a Better Brain @ Ralph Connor Memorial United Church Kitchen

    • Are you finding that your memory isn't as sharp as it used to be?

      Do you experience periods of 'brain fog' where you have trouble thinking clearly and focusing?

      Do you have a family member suffering with dementia and are wanting to avoid that same fate?

      If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this class is for you!  In this session we will teach you about lifestyle habits, foods and supplements that will literally help you build a better brain.  Modern life is working against us in the brain health department, but the good news is that there is a lot we can do to not only slow and prevent brain degeneration, but to turn it around and improve it!

      Come armed with a notebook and your questions and join us for this 1-hour information-packed class. You will also get recipes and delicious samples that will help boost your brain power and help you keep your brain young as you age happily and healthfully.  You will also have an opportunity to purchase select beneficial brain herbal supplements on site after the class. 

      • 30 Participants

  • Kundalini Tantra Yoga: Pranayama + Mantra = Bliss with Angela Ditch @ Opera House

    • Experience an invigorating kriya to warm up and open the body for sacred sound current. Focusing on breath activation, we will infuse the body with prana and tune it with mantra. Prepare to feel uplifted and clear. The practice is suitable to all levels of experience.

      • 35 Participants

      • Wear comfortable clothing for movement, bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, notebook and water.

5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

  • Canmore Cave Tours: Mindfulness in the Mountains @ Canmore Cave Tours Office

    • We are bringing together the serenity of the cave and the healing benefits of meditation for an experience that is sure to resonate with you. Prepare to drop into a blissful state of rest and relaxation surrounded by the raw beauty and timelessness of the mountains.

    • Inner Mountain Meditation combines the challenge, adventure and excitement of a Rats Nest Cave tour with the calm and focus of a guided meditation.

    • For Thrive participants you have the opportunity to participate in this special adventure for the special price of $45.00. The usual value of this experience is $129.00. Space is very limited for this event, so if it’s on your bucket list, don’t delay.

      • Fee: $45

      • 24 participants

      • Comfortable, warm clothing and appropriate shoes.

6:00 - 7:30 PM

  • Rocky Mountain Ski Fitness Class @ Rocky Mountain Rehab and Sports Medicine Clinic

    • Do you want to get fit for ski season? Then this class is for you!

    • This fun and ski specific fitness class will be led by the clinic Physiotherapists (including an Olympian!) at Rocky Mountain Rehab.

      • 15 participants

      • Wear work out gear and running shoes. Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat.

      • All ages and fitness levels available.

Rocky Mountain Rehab and Sports Medicine

#12, 801 Main street, Canmore 

7:00 - 9:00 PM


2 Fabulous Educational Talks at Ralph Connor Memorial United Church Sanctuary

7:00 - 8:00 PM

  • Compass Cannabis - Cannabis 101: What You Need to Know with Kara Wilhelms

    • If you’ve found yourself confused in this emerging industry of cannabis, rest assured you’re among many. A new world has arrived with an onslaught of dispensaries, medical clinics, and soon, legalization. So how do you navigate this new, and ever-changing world? 

    • Then there’s medicinal cannabis. Canmore’s very own Compass Cannabis Clinic opened their doors in April of this year and operates as a legal, medical clinic. With licensed physicians and patient educators, we connect patients to Health Canada regulated Licensed Producers. 

    • Interested in learning more about the world of medicinal cannabis? Do you have questions about the process? What is the “Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposed Regulations”? What is the difference between THC & CBD? Or wanting to learn just enough information for thought-provoking discussions with your friends? Come see us!

8:00 - 9:00 PM

  • New, Tried and True Pain Management for your Injuries @ Ralph Connor Memorial United Church with Dr. Mark Heard of Banff Sport Medicine and ProCare Medical

    • Learn how to better manage your injuries

      • Should I use heat or ice? 

      • How do the different types of injections work for joint pain? 

      • What alternatives there are to medications? 

      • What can the new generation of pain relief creams do, and how do they work?

      This interactive presentation from Banff Sport Medicine will answer these question and more.

  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

  • Crystal Bowl Sound Journey  with Caroline Dalton @ Elevation Place

    • Sound Healing is a beautiful way to align self to your true vibration.  The frequency that resonates from each bowl is unique. Made with the purest quartz crystal on earth, each bowl tuned to specific chakras and endocrine points in combination with rare earth elements and metals these bowls allow for healing on a cellular level. The pure tones interact with the crystalline structure of our blood, bones and DNA which promote the healing process. Physical injuries can be healed and old emotional traumas can be released.

      Sound Baths also make for powerful meditation experience. The sounds and vibrations allow you to completely focus thus guiding you deeper into your meditation practice, accelerating your inward journey.

      • 50 Participants

  • Breath Workshop with Angela Ditch @ Opera House

    • Explore the power of breath while surrendering on your mat. Using pranic techniques and specific breath chemistry patterns we induce a state of expanded awareness through sense withdrawal, a practice known as “pratyahara.”

      This state dulls the physiological sensory system and heightens the intuitive sensory system. One’s awareness shifts from “little i” auto-pilot ego-mind to “BIG I” awakened buddhi-mind.

      Tensions relax, stagnant energy and stress release, lung capacity expands, clarity and focus result as awareness makes its home in the cells. Elevated perceptions help make sense of cellular memory to elevate it to new perspectives. This is a profound practice and never the same twice. This practice is done lying down. Please bring items for comfort.

      (Participants require yoga mat, blanket, pillow, notebook and water.)

      SPECIAL REGISTRATION NOTE: Participants must be 16 and older. Those who are pregnant, please contact Angela to discuss participation prior to registering. Those who are experiencing heart conditions; glaucoma; or seizures are better suited to a private activation. Please contact Angela with any questions.

      • 35 Participants